Poland: SIT

Polish Association of Telecommunication Engineers (SIT) brings together approximately 100 members. SIT has join in FITCE in the year 2002 and now (2023) 20 our members belongs to the Federation. SIT has hosted already 4 FITCE Congresses: in Warszawa (2007), Poznań (2012) and Wrocław (2015). The Congress in Kraków planned for 2020 was canceled because of Covid pandemic, only several articles were published in scientific Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology. In 2024 the Congress is planned again in Kraków.


Contact info

More info about SIT can be found at http://www.sit.org.pl/.

You can contact SIT at zarzad@sit.org.pl.

Upcoming events in Poland

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No events planned at the moment. Check the events page for finding out what is taking place all over Europe.

News Updates from Poland

26 - 28 September 2024 | Krakow (Poland)

New technologies and services opportunities and threats

63rd International Congress