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Cybersecurity Online Masterclass 2024

  • 16-04-2024: Introduction to Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  • 23-04-2024: Battleground: Threats, Vulnerabilities and Technologies
  • 30-04-2024: Incident Response and Risk Management
  • 07-05-2024: Cybersecurity - Governance Management - Leadership

4 sessions | € 450.00 (VAT incl) for 4 sessions

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The FITCE Academy is an online learning platform offering Masterclasses, Courses and Tutorials on International ICT, Telecom and Media. The format can be webinar recordings, event presentation slides or papers. The language used is English.

FITCE Academy speakers are leading authorities in their respective fields, promising insightful and engaging presentations that are not to be missed.

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26 - 28 September 2024 | Krakow (Poland)

New technologies and services opportunities and threats

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